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Integrity is at the heart of Cruxwire Web

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We at Cruxwire Web are passionate about listening and keeping your best interests in mind. We want you to feel confident about your site rather than confused by slick marketing and buzzwords. That confidence will give you the level of clarity and security you need to make powerful choices and help you acheive your business goals.


We are committed to giving good quality, honest work for a fair rate. We take pains to ensure that your site will target your market and support your long term business goals while remaining true to your vision. We build sites that can grow and change with your business and we provide quality training, counseling and maintenance. It is vital to us that you are satisfied with the end result as well as the entire process of creating your website. We check in with you regularly, provide support documents, and follow up on work completed.


All those involved with Cruxwire Web are constantly updating and evolving their skills, familiarizing themselves with the most effective of the latest technology. Cruxwire Web's focus is what will pay off for you, our client: good, solid code written with an eye toward long-term viability.


Life is too short to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. If there is something you wish us to do on your website that will not serve your needs, we will let you know and respect your choices. And if Cruxwire Web is not the best solution for you and your needs, we will honestly let you know and refer you to someone who is more aligned with your requirements.

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Who is Cruxwire Web?

Cruxwire Web is Kim Casault and her merry group of talented subcontractors scrupulously hand-picked for your web needs.

About Kim
Kim earned her degree in Philosophy of Eastern Religion from Antioch College in 1993, and spent a fair amount of time traveling across the country. Meeting people from different backgrounds and studying different cultures taught Kim to see the humanity in everyone, and this core belief continues into her daily business practices. When she works with you, you will always be a person, not a profit.

As an adult, I have always worked for small nonprofits and have always been the tech person for the office. I've always been the person who hooked up the computers, troubleshot the printer, set up email, etc. Web work is the perfect mix of logic and creativity for me. I dig them both and I'm very happy in this line of work.

When I was a child, my father, who was a programmer way back when programs were hardwired into giant computers and 4K took up 4 rooms, got our family one of the earliest home computers. I think my parents thought my brother would be the one to use it, but I took to it immediately—it became my favorite toy. My first program was a game where you steered a worm around the screen to eat pixels that made the worm grow.

Kim caught the web bug in 1998, building her first e-commerce-enabled site in 1999. By 2004 she was subcontracting as a designer and began moving into more in-depth coding as well as design.


I'm proudly a sole proprietorship. It's an advantage to my clients. They only deal with me and I know all the ins and outs of their situation. I keep a list of colleagues that I regularly subcontract with, and am very particular about those subcontractors, making sure they are on top of the recent developments in the field and have conscientious business practices. In this way as in every other, I really want my clients to have a positive experience with me instead of feeling overwhelmed by potentially expensive stuff they don't understand.

She has worked with a large range of clients: from individuals (life coaches, career counselors, lawyers, professional organizers) to full-fledged business agencies (employment agencies, churches, bakeries). Her clients are from all around the country. In 2008, Kim expanded, opening her own business as sole proprietor of Cruxwire Web.


I've also spent some time as a jewelry artist, traveling to shows and selling my work from one end of the country to the other as well as online. Even through my art & spirit phase, the tech/logical part of me came along. At one point I decided I missed my left brain and took up recreational algebra.

Kim's creative vision is not only expressed in the beautiful websites she designs, but has also been expressed in a more artistic venue.


I just moved to Tucson in search of sun and warmth. I'm looking forward to getting to know the desert better—canyons, coyote and cacti, oh my!

Kim recently relocated from Seattle and now works from her home in sunny, sunny Tucson.

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Due to health complications, I closed Cruxwire Web on 1/31/15. Thank you to all my clients and colleagues for a great run.

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